Monday, July 12, 2010

Jane (Eby) Gates

Jane (Eby) Gates Page

It is Ryn's birthday today, Monday, July 12, 2010, (Happy Birthday Ryn!) and even though all the Gates family back East are fast asleep, we out in California are still thinking of it as the 12th. That being so, I thought today would be a good day to announce the completion of the Jane (Eby) Gates page on the Markle Gates Genealogy Site.

Jane has quite an interesting family tree reaching back to Theodorus "Durst" Eby, a Mennonite bishop in Switzerland around 1690. Take a look at it!

Jocelyn and I were trying to decipher what the different stripes on Jane's uniform stand for in the photo above. Jane enlisted in the military on 5 March 1943. She was in the Women's Army Corps, inactive reserve, as an aviation cadet. Does anyone else know exactly what the stripes mean?

Also, I have posted a photo of Bill Gates, (at the time, my mother's younger brother and future husband of Jane Eby) that my mother had in her diary (scroll down, click 2x to enlarge). He was at Purdue, in 1941, about age 20, but was in military training at the time, so he is in uniform.

This was 4 years before he marries Jane in Caserta, Italy. Were they both stationed in Caserta and met there? Or did they meet earlier? These are questions for our Gates cousins: please post us some answers on the website so we can fill in the details of the story!

We miss you Jane!


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